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New amps in 10.06


Fractal Fanatic
I love the new Komet, it is really awesome. I really love that new Prince Tone also :) both have a very unique sound and FEEL!!


Fractal Fanatic
I upgraded tonight and ended up playing the Komet and the AC20 for most of it; I just kinda got stuck on them since they sound great and I love the feel of them both...got a sweet solo tone out of the Ruby in about a minute...

The new Princeton is a nice variant; great to have three versions of this amp to play with. The FAS Modern II is also a cool variant of the FAS Modern, which is my go-to higain amp...

I flipped thru a lot of the mixed cabs with all of those amps and found many killer combinations...it's so quick to get tones that make you have to hit the "Save" button with v10 it's crazy...


Im playing the Ruby Rocket with a Strat. The low cut in the amp is at 1000Hz. The Cab is the new Morgan. I have the drive completely cranked. It is amazingly touch sensitive. No flub. Beautiful single coil distortion.


That new Morgan cab IR is the tits.

I'm having trouble talking myself out of using it with a bunch of amps.

Also, the Komet sounds great as a clean amp if you turn down the MV to about 6, even though I know it's not how it should be used.


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I'm beside myself!

All these great comments on those amps!

I upgraded but can't "toy" with the axe for several days!! :sorrow:

Cleaning out almost 20 years of "pack rat" junk in my house! Stymied and crippled my basement studio too!

It's a wonder what my wife and I had in mind hangin' onto stuff that just takes up real estate!

Finally will have my Pro Tools studio back in full functionality shortly! :applause:

Those amps......keep calling me however,..........gigs this weekend but still no time there to audition :ambivalence:


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Also, the Komet sounds great as a clean amp if you turn down the MV to about 6, even though I know it's not how it should be used.
I backed MV to about 8 on my crunch tones too, I like it. Makes it a bit more clear.


The Komet is great for clean tones too. I used it yesterday at a gig.
Switch to "gradual mode" (release notes: decrease Input Trim to .250) and keep Drive low.
Exceptional strong clean tone with my Gibson.
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