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New album release - Lots of ambient AxeFx 2 tones - Pray for Sound "Everything Is Beautiful"


Hey guys,
A lot of you seemed to like a video I put together with Fractal awhile back on creating a "post-rock shimmer" preset (if you missed it and you're interested, you can view it here)...

Anyway, the riffs I play in this video came from a song Pray for Sound had been working on at the time, which was recently released on our new full length! There's a LOT of AxeFx tones on there - mostly direct, some through a VHT power amp into an Avatar 2x12 with Vintage 30s miced with an SM57. I typically use a variation of the post-rock shimmer preset for all my cleans and the Friedman HBE for the heavier tones. I'd be happy to talk specifics if anyone is interested.

You can stream the album on our Bandcamp, Spotify, and most other media outlets. I can also offer a 15% off coupon code specifically for you guys on our Bandcamp page: "fractalforum".

And lastly, here's an early access video from the live session we did... one of my personal favorites on the album:


Love your bands sound and I'm really impressed with your guitar sounds in the live session video..were you using a vibe effect in the beginning parts ..that sounded intense!!
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