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Never-before-seen images of Woodstock


Fractal Fanatic
The striking thing about these photos is how much fashion has come full circle.
I was thinking the exact same thing. I remember seeing pictures of Woodstock years ago and thinking how much had changed in terms of fashion and hairdos. This time though, I thought the pics looked like they could have been taken recently.


The only band I ever saw live that did a medley of their only hit was Archie Bell and the Drells....Do the Tighten Up!...at the beginning , middle , AND close of their set........


The striking thing about these photos is how much fashion has come full circle. This could easily have been photographed at one of the local music festivals here this summer. The main difference is a lack of tattoos and crazy hair colours.

My thought on it too. Yeah, the lack of tattoos is probably the main giveaway. Girls are wearing their hair long again, which is a huge plus IMHO.

That BSA is probably still running around, but some hipsters took a sawzall to it, and turned it into a cafe style bike. Maybe sprayed flat black.


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Very cool! Thanks for sharing. I was 10 way back in '68. I actually wanted to go, but I had one problem... Parents. 🤣 The "other" problems, money, logistics, and on and on never crossed my mind. :rolleyes:

I did have bell bottoms and even some elephant bell bottoms a long with the Nehru shirts (hand me downs).

I don't remember too much of the '70s, but I was told I had a good time.
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