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Need to use an AX8 tomorrow for about an hour near LAX

Larry Mitchell

Oops. Work visa came in. I’m on the next flight will do the show from austrailia. :0;

Hello Los Angeles fractal family. . Anyone here near LAX tomorrow Tuesday October 1st with an AX8 that I can use for about an hour to do my Tuesday night live Facebook. I’m near LAX on my way to Australia to play a few Master Classes and the west Australian guitar festival. My original flight was pushed back from Saturday out of Orlando to tomorrow out of LA. I’m traveling there with just my guitar. No rig I’m borrowing Leon Todd’s rig in Perth to do the guitar festival. But I’m here in LAX flying out tomorrow night at 10:30pm but I need to do my week,y Tuesday night live Facebook live show which is 9pm est 6pm here .just thought I’d check and see if anyone was around and felt like hanging for an hour or so.
Thanks you for your time.



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Larry Mitchell

Hey thank you for that. I will keep that in mind. In the states I usually have mine, this was just one of those delayed flight where I wasn’t bring mine out side the country cause there was one waiting for me there the delay happened or started to happen and left me in a bind without a rig on a Tuesday night .but I ended up catching the flight and doing my show from the Australian fractal audio distributors office. Independant music. Thank you Andrew,
Glad it worked out, but if you're ever in need again, I'm about an hour from LAX, and would've loved to help/hang!
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