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Need help with set lists


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Folks -

I'm a somewhat seasoned (5 yrs) Axe II user, but I have never fiddled much with the MFC-101.

My current approach is that I do a preset for EACH song. Most have at least two scenes, assuming I have a solo. More scenes if there is more complexity to the song.

At present, the band is at 30 songs (targeting 40), and I already have a bear of a time switching presets quickly, as I have (you guessed it) - 30 presets, soon to be 40.

I expect we will start carving things into setlists shortly. I know the MFC-101 has a setlist mode, but I have never used it. Is there a moderately clear way to assign my existing programs (ex: "Mission of Mercy") to setlists?

I do own MFC-EDIT if it makes any difference (although I have never used it because it had a dependency on you transferring your own SYSEX dumps from the MFC-101).


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mfc edit will be a big help in making the set list feature of the mfc usable. first you make a song list in the mfc, then making set lists is drop and drag.


What I did was...........
  1. Name each preset after the song
  2. Put each preset into a song in the 'Song' list. One preset per song using the same names
  3. Put the 'Songs' in the proper order into the 'Set List'
  4. I made 8 different Set Lists for different types of shows.
  5. Set the 'Bank Size' to '0', then just cycle through the selected set with the 'Bank Up' switch, with no need to mess with the 'Reveal' switch.
I now use a tablet with the 'Setlist Helper' app.

Tom Morris

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Axe edit is handy. I Have made all my user presets starting at 00 and not using any above 387. In axe edit click preset button in the interface and select the song. Yes and name the presets after the song. If its an app just for yourself SetlistMaker is handy for IOS and Android. Takes a bit to set up but once you have the songs and midi setting entered its a breeze to rearrange songs in a list or just pick a song from everything you have programmed. For an awesome setlist app and do all band app BandHelp made by the same guy that makes SetlistMaker, does the same things and much more like booking info stage plots contacts list and syncs across everyones devices automatically. They both cost a little money but well worth solving common problems. You need an interface to connect to the axe either or bluetooth. Bandhelper.com


Google 'Setlist Maker'....
and also consider its subscription version, Bandhelper. well worth the monthly or yearly sub - VERY inexpensive - and you can adjust many things from a computer and website, and sync everything to multiple devices. with Setlist Maker, you have to do everything on the Mobile Device, and that can get cumbersome at times.
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