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Need help with selecting the right loadbox


Hi guys, I'm inheriting a Peavey 6505 MH from my uncle. I would like to pair it with my Axe III which I understand can work as an IR loader in such situation but would need a loadbox. I'm looking at Two Notes Torpedo Captor given it seems to be one of the cheaper option in the market. Noticed that it comes with the 8ohm and 16ohm models. Im totally new into this loadbox concept. Would like to seek your advice if I should be getting the 8 or 16ohm. 6505 MH which comes with Impedance switch for 16 or 8ohm cabinets.

Also as far as the signal chain is concerned, would this following be correct?
guitar -> 6506 MH -> Loadbox -> AxeIII -> Monitors

Thanks very much guys.


I use a Universal Audio OX, and the reason is for the most excellent FX that goes along with its being a nice load box.


The Two Notes Captor should work fine for that type of setup. Whether you get an 8 or 16 ohm box doesn't really matter since your amp can be set to either impedance. Yes that signal chain is correct.
I have a Universal Audio OX which and an old Palmer PDI-03 rack unit which both work great for that type of setup. As much as I love my 100 watt tube heads, most of the time I gravitate back to using just my Axe-FX III.


I did them all and the few that stood out were the OX and Expander, but the new Mesa Cab clone Plus was a big surprise


Any load box (attenuator with a line out, dedicated load box, etc) will do fine- 8 or 16 Ohm won't really matter as long as it's matched on your amp. I've used a Tone King Iron Man II mini and an Aracom attenuator, both sound great- no issues at all. Definitely easiest to just record straight from the Axe though, although if you're dead set on using the amp, you'll get great results running the amp and load box in the loop of the axe fx, then you have a choice of whatever IRs and effects you like.
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