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Need help with finding brighter IRs



I'm trying to find "brighter" IRs. An example of what I consider a brighter IR would be something like Tesla's Love Me guitar intro, or even the Van Halen stuff.

I know Danny Danzi use his own IRs for his Van Halen patches, and those are kind of what I am looking for.

When I audition the factory IRs in my AX8, they all seem very dark and muddy in the bass areas. I've already looked into low cut, as well as playing with Master Volumes.

I hear some of the "classic rock" albums, and the guitar tones just dont seem so muddy. Was there just a different miking standard back in the day?



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Hmm have you purchased any IR packs yet? I would think an sm57 would be plenty bright. Or add a peq after the cab to tweak.


Hmm. If you find the Redwirez IRs dark, it might be your monitoring system. Those are generally very bright IRs. Especially the 1x12 Redwirez captures.


I have tried multiple monitors,
Mackie SRM 650
Carvin 805
Sennhieser HD 280 Headphones

The way I listen to it is to listen to a recording thru the same speaker/headphone, and then thru my AX8, and the AX8 always seems to have less life, and more mud? I tried using the GEQ in the amp block, and using the Mark 5 band, dropping 750hz several DB and boosting 2.2khz several DB seems to get more clarity and then for palm mutes, always need to drop 100hz-250hz a couple of DB as well.

I'm new to Amp Modeling and close mic'ed speakers, so just trying to learn and understand, but I was hoping that brightness and clarity that I hear from so many youtube videos and artist recordings. Wasnt expecting the IRs to be so boomy and muddy. Thats just what I hear.

Here are a couple of ones I'm trying to copy that have that extra crispness that I cant seen to find. The AX8 just sounds allitle less dynamic sound wise?

Here is a good comparison video of what I hear the difference, first is a studio recording, then its Mark Day's sound.

Let me caveat all this by saying, not criticizing anyone or thing. Just trying to learn how to get different sounds out of the AX8.


So of the 2 recordings, obviously the are going to be alittle different, but I'm trying to figure out how to get the sound of Queensryches, alittle less "blanket over the speaker" sound.

One note: when I go into a guitar cab (cab sim bypassed), it always seems to sound more like the recording (btw I have read all the posts regarding amp in the room vs close mic'ed, thats why I added the studio version of the song vs Mark Day's version), but I really dont want to go thru a guitar cab.

Thanks in advance for helping and listening to me ramble.
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I've had similar concerns as yours regarding a lot of the IR's sounding flat or muffled . I have an Axefx II and I almost always increase the " AIR " setting of the CAB block to between 10-20 % and run up the " DePHASE " setting to between 5 & 6 . Maybe it's just my ears but it seems to bring them to life ... Good Luck !


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I've experienced this, and seen it mentioned many times by others. Usually the recommendation is to try some 3rd party IR packs..., which are an added expense. IMO, the IR's included should cover the bases, generally speaking. So, assuming every IR included with the Axe Fx is not flawed, there has to be some other explanation/solution, other than add EQ to compensate, try a 3rd party IR...


Just wanted to follow up,

I downloaded the free Cenzo Celestion V30 Mix (https://www.celestionplus.com/free-download/) and I really like it. Its nice and bright. When I need more warmth, I just turn on Proximity, and turn up Proximity effect, until I have the balance that I want. Also, this IR seems more amp in the room than the factory IRs.

I also downloaded Red Wirez free Marshall 1960A - Celestion G12M IRs (http://www.redwirez.com/free1960g12m25s.jsp), and I really like this one too. Its got the whole gamut of mic options and positions, so I think I find some good bright sounding IRs from this.
FYI, this is what made me want to try the Red Wirez

Also Pete Thorns Preset Pack (http://www.fractalaudio.com/pete-thorn-preset-pack-released.php) is pretty bright, but its got a resonance thing with higher gain amps that I need to dial out, just havent found the frequency to cut yet.

Finally, the Larry Mitchell Accurate Models (http://www.fractalaudio.com/accurate.php) are nice as well. The 4x12 Brit is bright and open sounding.

I'm really excited to try more of the Red Wirez mic/positions to see if I can get a good "amp in the room" sound tomorrow.

Just thought I would share.
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