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Need help using 2 guitars 1 axe-fx with RacaBass preset


Hi there folks
I've been trying to use the axe-fx 2 with the RacaBass 6 preset for 1 input and any normal amp+cab preset for the other input

When I use the RacaBass 6 preset alone, it sounds good
but as soon as I want to use it with another input (second guitar in the row with the Volume/pan trick), the bass sound I'm getting is completely delayed and the pitch effect isn't accurate with the note I'M picking...

Anyone else can try it ??
I've followed the "1 Axe-Fx , 2 Guitars" tutorials but it didn't help.
I've added the preset in question in attachment



since the preset in question is just a normal preset, it means you didn't build the "2 guitars" preset correctly. can you upload that one instead so i can see what went wrong?
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