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Need Help Restoring Axe FX III from back up


Ok, so today I bought the Austin Buddy, 'Brit Rock Royalty' tone pack. Couldn't help myself! 😂

1.As is recommended in the manual for it, I first backed up my Axe FX III, which had a lot of custom Presets I'd created myself and purchased that are very valuable to me. In the Fractal Bot I had to choose a location, all I could chose was a location it pre populated, that was something like /DFauvre, or something like this that appeared to be a location I assumed was related to my iCloud account. It would NOT allow me to for example create a new folder in Documents, and put the back up there.

2. So next, I installed the Brit Rock Royalty tone pack. Doing so, overwrote, numerous custom presets I'd spent days tweaking and creating...ugh!

3. Now I have no idea how to locate the back up file. Any suggestions? Like what would it's name be? It's extension? Something I can search for and is there a standard location on at Mac that it gets saved to?



Seriously ...

Page 3 of the Fractal-Bot manual. And section 15 of the Axe-Fx III manual.
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