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Need Help: FX8 Edit Cfg Page


I just updated to FW 3.01. I also updated to the latest version of FX8 Edit.

I've watched some YouTube tutorials about how the Config page works, so I understand how/why it's different than the FS page.

However, when using FX8 Edit, I'm unclear about how to place fx into the 8 available fx blocks from the Config page. I've been double clicking and/or right clicking on just about (??) everything I see, and nothing seems to work.

So, what's the trick to placing fx into blocks on this page?

Thanks in advance.


Okay...Never mind. I think I got it. Even though the Config page on the FX8 screen is where you choose fx for each block, in FX8 Edit, you still choose/place your fx from the effects page?

Back to Edit I go...
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