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Necessary to refresh after FW update?

Random Hero

This is the first time I've updated my AX8, so I'm wondering if I need to do anything to my existing presets to get the most from the new firmware?


generally speaking, no.

major modeling updates - like FW10 - can affect the amp tone though. the underlying parameters are changing, so what "3" on a dial sounded like before, might now be at "6" on the dial. that's just a general description of what is going on. but the thing is, you might not want "6" on the dial because the modeling changed and sounds better at a different setting.

for the most part, your existing presets will sound good. maybe at most you have to adjust the Level in the Amp block due to the changes.

but many people suggest doing a "soft reset" of the Amp block. you do this by choosing a different amp type (anything else) then go back to the Amp type you originally had. this will set many advanced parameters to the new defaults of the new modeling. again, levels may change, but most of the Basic controls won't (bass, mid, treble, etc.). usually this already sounds better as the new defaults work best with the new modeling.

it's called a soft reset because you aren't resetting the entire block with the Reset command, just advanced parameters to defaults primarily.

so it's your choice. you might want to Save your presets to a new number (creating a duplicate) then try the soft reset method. you may have to adjust some things, but usually it ends up sounding better with less adjustments.

depending on what FW you're updating from, new additions to blocks and other features may require adjustments as well, but those are usually documented in the Release Notes.

there is a function in AX8-Edit that is specifically called "Refresh after FW Update." this forces the AX8-Edit program to get the new defaults and information from the hardware so everything communicates correctly. click Settings, then Refresh after FW Update to do this.
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