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Mysterious Axe-Edit and Logic Pro “soloing” issue

Jack Buzian

New Member
Hey there fellow Fractals-heads! I recently stumbled across an odd issue occurring when I use Axe-Edit (for my Axe FX II XL) while Logic Pro X is open.

During a previous recording session, I opened Axe Edit to make some changes to my guitar tone. As soon as Axe-Edit opened, Logic began uncontrollably soloing and un-soloing certain tracks in the project (even the solo automation is bouncing between "solo" and "un-solo" uncontrollably). At first I thought I had accidentally hit a key command which caused the issue, but after a half hour of trial and error I narrowed down the issue to Axe-Edit being open along with Logic. Deleted Axe-Edit and reinstalled to see if that fixed the issue, but no luck. Ever since I haven't been able to open Axe-Edit at all while in a Logic project without the mysterious soloing issue occurring…

Oddly, this didn’t happen directly following a recent update of Axe-Edit. It had been at last a month since the last update and the most recent version had never showed issues similar to this. I tried to include a screenshot recording but was unable to upload it here successfully... I guess .mov's aren't supported on the forum. So, without video to help assist in diagnosing, does anyone have an ideas of what might be causing this new Logic/Axe-Edit craziness?

Best wishes to you all and I hope 2021 is treating ya’ better than 2020 (knock on wood)!

P.S. One thing I forgot to show in the video is me pressing the “solo” buttons multiple times in an attempt to stop the issue from occurring. No luck on that; wish the answer was that simple…

Jack Buzian

New Member
Hey y'all! Reached out to Fractal and got a response regarding the issue. If anyone else ever comes across this, the solution is to:

Go to Logic--Preferences--MIDI--Inputs and remove the check from AxeFx II.

Works like a charm and - according to the awesome customer service representative I spoke with - won't deter your ability to use the AxeFx as it should properly function. Good stuff!

Best wishes everyone,

- Jack
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