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My Show From Last Night


They streamed my show online last night. Now that the show is over, it's archived and available to watch any time. Even with the limitations of live streaming video and audio, the mix didn't turn out too bad. I credit that the awesomeness that is the Axe Fx. :) I also multi-tracked the show. I will post better audio as soon as I have a chance to go through it. I will also post patches and stuff at that time too.

I'm using my II, along with the new Ownhammer Public Beta Redux IR's, and my new CLR wedge. I'm on the far side of the stage. You can see the CLR wedge on the floor on the far side as well. My bass player is using my Standard. The club had an outstanding PA. The Monitors were all K12's, so my bass player just ran Output 2 into the 2nd input of one of them. We were super happy overall, and so was the sound guy.

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