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My rjm is getting repaired help for FCB1010 needed


Hey Guys

just got a fcb1010 as my rjm gt22 is getting repaired
can anyone help with a sysx
if possible it would be great to have 5 presets bottom row and 5 switches on top row
can get tha wah and volume to work but the rest is giving me a headache
if its possible to have 2 layers it would be even better to have
another page with stomps...

hope somebody can help

im runing FCB firmware v 2.5


Fractal Fanatic
you can do that, but you have to program every preset to what the top 5 switches do, also the wawha and volume have to be programed for every (fcb) preset. its been a long time since i used the fcb, but i remember a lot of tiring programing to have top presets and bottom scenes for 20 presets. better read the fcb manual.


i cant even stop it from going to presset 981 all the time
i dont get the guide at All I can get how to set the midi Chanel
everything else is black magic to me..
i Will happily Dorte som Cash for a syx file that works


Fractal Fanatic
I feel for you, the fcb does a good job for its price, but if you do not understand midi and how the fcb functions it is impossible to make it work the way you wish. you may search some youtube vids, seeing it programed may give you light.


New Member
There is a windows/macOS editor for non-upgraded FCB1010's. I haven't tried it, but if you have a midi-usb interface, you can build a sysx file with it, and send it to the pedalboard. Must have the stock 2.4 or 2.5 firmware (it's stamped on the Eprom).

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