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My Review


Hello All,

Well, I've had the Axe II long enough to form my opinion on it and...well...I LOVE IT! It's been several months since I've had my Ultra but I can already say how much easier it is to dial in. Most everyone has said this so it feels a bit redundant but I was very pleasantly surprised. The tube amps I've had recently are as follows:

Mesa Stiletto I
Mesa Lone Star Classic
Mesa Mark IV
Germino Club 40
Fortin Cali Modded 1959 Marshall
BFG Modded 1959 Marshall

I'm confident I can get any of the tones from those amps to satisfy ME and that's why I came here in the first place (years ago). It seems like people either love or hate the Boogies but I've always loved the Mark IV. The Axe II NAILS that tone IMO. The main difference is, I'm not going deaf now to get that tone. Hahaha.

So far, I've spent time with the Mark IV, VH4, Cameron, 1987x, Shiva 20th, Friedman and the SLO 100. I started mostly with the "gainier" amps and am working my way back. I'm absolutely blown away by the tone from just the amp and cab blocks. Unbelievable!

I played for a few days only being able to listen through my Beyer 770's while waiting for my new Adam A7X's. For me, I have the perfect setup now. The A7X's are EVERYTHING I read about and then some.

Congrats to Cliff and company for an unbelievable product and world class support!
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