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Wish My remaining usability wishes for the III


  1. Swap scenes (Layout > Tools)
  2. Swap channels (Layout > Tools)
  3. Swap presets (Store menu)
  4. Unlink ALL global blocks
  5. Move VU meters to separate page. Allow VU meters to stay on screen while switching presets
  6. Prevent breaking cables when moving blocks up or down
  7. DRIVE: modifier on Sample Rate parameter
  8. DRIVE and WAH: reset GEQ when performing a soft reset
  9. CAB: Pressing "Solo" mutes all other IRs(I/O > Pedal) Visual calibration meter for pedals 1 and 2
  10. Exclude MIDI/Remote menu from the Reset procedure, and add a separate 'Reset MIDI/Remote' entry (if possible)
  11. Global 'High cut frequency' and 'Low cut frequency' parameters
  12. Option to use RTA as screen saver
  13. Show which blocks are "global" (on hardware)
  14. Performance screen
  15. Option to stay on Layout screen when switching presets
  16. Option to link Amp and Cab channels
  17. Axe-Edit: option to unlink all global blocks when exporting
  18. Axe-Edit: save system data (Global Blocks) with Snapshots
  19. System-wide modifiers
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Most of this sounds good and/or unproblematic, BUT...

9. would mess with a nice workflow: you can easily compare a third cab on its own to a two-cab combination, and switch back and forth (by flipping b/w "solo" and "mute" state for the third cab)

I would hate to lose that possibility.


Yeah, I get that. And I just thought of an alternative way to accomplish what I want, so I'll strike item #9.
For #15, it’d be really handy if you could stay on the zoomed meter view while switching presets
Maybe they could just make it to where it would be the users choice as to what screen is persistent when changing presets......seems like that would grant a whole lotta wishes........and damn.....where did our cool emojis go? ;-)
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