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My new single "Dayzed" - FAS Modern / Friedman HBE + ML CP 13


Hey everyone!

I have a new single out that TheCirclePit kindly made a promotional video for! Let me know what you guys think about the tones/mix, etc.
As mentioned in the title, the guitar patch for basically every guitar sound is based around the FAS Modern combined with the Friedman. I personally love the way they blend.




Cab Pack Wizard
Knowing your background I'm not at all surprised that the mix has been perfected and fine-tuned to it's maximum capabilities. I'd love to hear what you did with the drums as well. I love that the bass sound is clean.. driving the bass sound has been done so many times already in genres close to this.

Listening to this for the fourth time now I believe. I really love the irregular bits that surprised me like turning riffs into tuplets etc. Also there was a point of life when I had heard enough synth lead solos and the ones I was hearing all sounded the same. In this case however it was a positive surprise. :)


@ML SOUND LAB Thanks so much man. You have great ears and attention to detail and it's very flattering to hear such positive feedback from you! And If enough people were interested I'd be totally down to do a straightforward drum mixing/programming video. One day.. lol

@NickCapp Thanks for listening! i'm glad you like it.
Yeah definitely give it a try. I personally love the bite of the Friedman combined with the anger of the Modern.
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