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My live rig and scenes - how can I improve it??


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So I'm currently designing a master rig which is going to serve as an all-in-one layout that I can spread across multiple presets with different scenes. I'm currently using the Keith Urban twin, ODS clean and Ford 1 models plus an array of effects that I have dialed in pretty close to where I want them to be.

I thought it could be fun to ask y'all: can you spot any issues with my routing that might be sub-optimal or causing issues? Or do you have any blocks of your own that sound particularly good in this rig too? This preset needs to be able to do it all for a high-end covers band so diversity is key.

Here's what I'm not yet happy with:
1. The wah sound needs more character. Particularly love teese real mccoy wahs and LOVE the Ibanez WH10
2. The volume adjustments from scene to scene are done using a combination of the scene volume controls and a controllers set to the amp output knob. Is there a better way to do this?
3. Insert really cool sound/trick/EQ/adjustment that I may not have been aware of

Looking forward to what you might have up your sleeves. Feel free to edit. I use an ash-body american tele with a maple neck. They should sound pretty nicely dialled-in for most single coil guitars though, especially fenders.



You may want to experiment with using a controller on the AMP input gain instead of output, in conjunction with the scene volumes..but there are many ways to skin this cat and as always, trust your ears.


@iaresee , as well as others, have posted some very tasty WAH blocks that may still be available...do a forum search for wah block and see what turns up.


I'm experimenting with good results getting all my amps the same level (0db). I then adjust the clean, crunch, lead levels in the output (scenes) section by -3.5 For clean, 0 for crunch, +1.5 For lead and +6.5 for solo.
Im not at home to open the files but I would highly recommend using Global blocks for your amps and cabs. It will really help streamline your preset building. Also, not sure I can recommend adjusting the MASTER OUTPUT volume by scene, I have always heard to adjust the amp level block itself, you can use scene controllers to do that, OR what I have done in the past is assign my Amp Level to an expression pedal and set the I/O levels accordingly (for example all the way up on the pedal is volume for KU amp, all the way down is volume for secondary amp) this way you can just create your global amp block and call it a day. You could also do the same thing with a vol block at the end of your chain.
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