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My grandfather decided to say goodbye


That was something quite unique and special, a great tribute to your Grandfather

I was expecting something totally different to what you played. But Wow, what a way to memorialise him.

My Dad died on Friday and I was very close to him. He loved lots of different types of music and was so supportive and encouraging of my playing and love of guitar
I had a gig booked last night and the band were really cool and were happy to do whatever I was most comfortable with. I can't tell how good it felt to crank my FM3 and CLR rig really loud and play some loud classic rock. He loved ZZ Top and I managed to say a few words on the microphone without breaking down. I dedicated Tush to him. He was a soldier and travelled the world before he settled down so I'm sure he had some "adventures"
My point is, music really is the best therapy
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