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My FM3 rig (+ presets)


Just like my good distant pal Scott Peterson did recently, I'm posting my FM3 rig.

Nothing spectacular on the floor: FM3, FC-6, Hall of Fame 2, spring-loaded expression pedal and a dual switch.

I don't use a pedalboard, because I often take things apart, and I can carry everything in a Mono bag.


The way I set up the FM3's presets and switches is very different from my Axe-Fx III rig. With the III, I use a RJM GT22 controller which allows me to switch everything easy and quickly: presets / scenes / effects / channels / iPad and more.

With the FM3 and FC-6, I use a very different approach. I use just a few presets and scenes, and set up things like a traditional pedalboard. Great for jamming, rehearsals etc. The OMG9 is a great method, but I prefer even more direct access to stuff.

I've been using this setup for a while now, and it works absolutely fantastic. My main preset uses around 80% CPU. Duplicate presets provide Pitch and Chorus blocks which don’t fit in my main preset, and other amp types. The FM3 goes straight to the desk or FR monitor.


The FM3's main 3 switches change the channels of the Amp block (Layout 1):
1 = channel A (clean)
2 = channel B (dirty)
3 = channel C (more gain), TAP to toggle to channel (most gain)

Holding switch 1 and 2 takes care of preset up/down switching. As said, I don't do much preset switching with the FM3.

The FC-6 starts on Layout 2, which is dedicated to drives / boosts / leads:
Filter (= neutral amp boost)
Drive 1 (fuzzes)
Drive 2 (ODs)
GEQ (= lead boost)

The HOLD function of each switch changes effect channels.

Except for the Filter (Boost) switch: its HOLD function switches the FC-6 to Layout 4 with 5 scene buttons.



The upper right switch of Layout 2 changes the FC-6 to Layout 3 with these effects:
Volume (= volume swells)

Again, the HOLD function of each switch changes effect channels.

The upper right switch of Layout 3 returns the FC-6 to Layout 2.


The expression pedal operates as a Wah, or as a Whammy in a different preset (not enough CPU to do both in a single preset).

Like Scott, I have offloaded reverb / shimmer to an external pedal: TC's Hall of Fame 2. It's in the FM3's effects loop (OUT2 > IN2). The dual switch's 1st switch controls the OUT 2 block, effectively engaging/bypassing the reverb. That switch's HOLD function engages the FM3's tuner.

The dual switch's 2nd switch switches between scenes 1 and 2 (rhythm / solo), my main scenes, readily available.
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No, it isn't. Tried both and I prefer this. :)

On a traditional pedalboard I'd also put my pedals to the left of the input / amp selector / Wah....
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Fractal Fanatic
I think the lack of pedalboard is good (or at least heartening) .... I was sizing the FM3 and FC6 plus an exp pedal and rather dreading the potential inflexible hunk of real estate it was turning into.

Why are all your labels and preset names in English?? I'm considering using Dutch as 'Ritme' is easier to spell than Rhythm. Using a (Friedman) 'Harige Kont' for solos looks like a contender on the grounds of childishness based on how a native English speaker tries to pronounce it.
It sounds a bit like 'Irish C**t' when I try ..... ironically!


Fractal Fanatic
As usual, very well thought out.
I've also been thinking about getting a FM3 + FC as a backup or portable rig.
too bad the screens don't allow for two lines as I like to put a description for the channel on the second line as with the GT22.


Hey Yek, how do you handle phasing issues when mixing the "hall of fame" to the original signal? To me the best way is to have 100% wet signal in the loop, but the hall of fame always has the direct input going through. So my approach is currently to pass the whole signal through the hall of fame (mix with the direct signal there) and use the parallel delay block 100% wet. I've a mixer block afterwards to true bypass the hall of fame if no reverb is needed.


EDIT: I'm wrong.. Just read the manual and you can kill the dry signal.


Nice sounding preset, Yek. Thanks for sharing. Can you share your layout file? Also, what IR are you using for live use?
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