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My first Video of the Axe-FX 2

Scott Peterson

Global Moderator
Here's a quick video I made (though trust me, it took me entirely too damn long to figure out how to make the damn thing, lol) of the Axe-FX 2.

If you don't know me, you get to hear my goofy voice and maybe figure out I am not as so damn serious all the time as folks seem to always assume I am. :D

The video breaks it all down fairly straightforwardly. Nothing too fancy. Just wanted to get into making a series of these videos to break down different aspects and things without epic posts. :D

I'd like to focus more on the box and sounds you can get from it on my threads so that's the focus please.

Have a watch... and a listen.

Notice a few things. A) the guitar playing and amps you hear are 100% direct. No room, no room mic, no tricks. That's 100% direct Axe-FX 2. B) The 'tube ring' some guys hear is just a thing my Custom 22 does; that's from the guitar. You'll hear it on the Friedman and higher gain OD amp tones more. Yes, I need some fretwork; I think that's just some harmonic overtone from a proud fret. The guitar was used - hard - and is from 1996; C) Yes there are clams. I'm just goofing, one take. Trying to not talk too much; you don't want to hear me. You want to hear the 2.

Some guys with the Standard/Ultra are listening to hear some massive improvement over their boxes. I've said this 100X - the 2 is a step forward in a lot of ways. A lot. The actual tones are very similar to what I had dialed up in my Ultra/Standard Axe-FX's. Because I dial tones the way I like them (just like you do). The end results are not radically different. I think the 2 delivers things with less 'haze' and is more dynamic. It reacts to your playing more; it also has remodeled amps in it that just dial up differently. The top end and bottom end are different, less 'touchy' to where they are dialed. You do not spend as much time dialing tones on the 2. One reason why - beyond the obvious (knobs, etc) is that you don't spend so much time/effort needed to learn the more narrow 'sweet spots' that take time to craft in the Gen1 boxes. You can get close to where I am with the 2 with the Gen1 stuff but it takes a LOT more effort, time, and precision.

So many folks want to somehow now dismiss or knock the Gen1 boxes down a few pegs (or into the dirt) because the Gen2 box is out and has a new modeling engine, more power, etc.. That's not really the case. The Gen2 builds upon the already solid and obviously powerful tone machines the Standard/Ultra *still* are. The Gen2 VVT modeling and hardware upgrades (specifically memory and processor upgrades) just add *more* of the good stuff.

Folks that hate the Fractal stuff for the price tag will still hate the Axe-FX 2 just as much. I don't want to change anyone's opinion, that's not my battle.

But this box is fun,a helluva lot of fun too. It's fast to work with, once you have the basics of the Fractal paradigm down (working with the grid, routing signal chains, etc). Folks get too uptight and too upset over all the details sometimes - this box really opens up what modeling is capable of by making things more efficient, greatly enhanced workflow, killer sounds, effect 'preset' states that make creating popular effects much easier.

I will close this with this thought; what I do with the box is just what I do with it. This is *not* all it can do, or the limit, or the range or the 'right' way or the 'best' way or anything else. It's just "my" way. Nothing more, nothing less. I'm not so full of myself as people think, I just do my thing.

Hope you dig it; and if not, at least enjoy it.




Scott I'm sure it sounds awesome, could u post the URL so I can watch it on my phone. It's a boring day out here in rainy NYC lol


Man that is a great video. Love seeing the X/Y in action. I am going to end up using that feature a ton. Thanks for doing this ....... boy Monday can't get here fast enough .....


No one I know on the internetz sounds the way I imagine they sound.

Great video. The wah on clean sound at the beginning was super nice, chill and funky.


Creating a video is not an easy or fast thing to do, much appreciated!

Like those Friedman and JCM800 tones alot. Which cabs did you use?


hey keep those videos coming! There are only a handful of good videos like this out there where you can really hear the tone and someone took the time and effort to record it the right way. Mark Day comes to mind as another person who makes these the right way.


Great revue Scott, and I know what a pain in the a** it is to do this :)
Things I like the most is the really good sound & your choice of amps,
would be so great with 50' to 70' blues and jazz flavour- ish(es) (don't know how to spell this)
Btw, keep on rockin'
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Music Man

Okay now this is not fair!!!!!!!!! it's like eating a stake in front of someone who is starving!!! I hurt now even more thanks to you Scott!!!:lol

Thank so much you for posting the video. This actually answers a question which I posted earlier about the wah! It sounds great! Keep them coming please!!

I am trying to keep the waiting anxiety down but it's not working!!!

Scott Peterson

Global Moderator
Creating a video is not an easy or fast thing to do, much appreciated!

Like those Friedman and JCM800 tones alot. Which cabs did you use?

JCM and Friedman Cabs: (same on each, though not on purpose. Funny!)

Stereo setup.
CabL: RedWire 4x12 Basketweave G12H30 (SM57, panned -50) 0db
CabR: RedWire 4x12 Basketweave G12M20 (R121, panned +50) -2db
Room Level 40%; Room Size 2.00; Mic Spacing 69%
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