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My first post: Hi everyone!


New Member
Hi everyone! This is my first post on this forum, just wanted to say "hello" and introduce myself!

I'm Paolo, I live in Italy (a small city near Milan) and, finally, I'm a proud parent, ehm.. I meant owner, of an Axe-Fx II! :lol

I play guitar in a band called "Forgotten Tears", and currently I'm running my homestudio (FT Studios) where I've recorded some local bands!
Maybe someone of you already know me from Andy Sneap's forum (same username!), but I usually read a lot and post less... just because I do have so many things to learn from all of you!

I hope I'll have a great time here, thanks to everyone on this forum and on Fractal! :D
Paolo / Allu83


Fractal Fanatic
and some checkered paint while you're at it! :lol

welcome, and hope you have a great stay here, it's a really woderful place!

you can click the links in my sig to get you up and running really quickly
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