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My First Gigs With My New AX 8


Also curious as to what you rely on most for your on stage sound...the monitor feed or the Marshall's?
And if you send output 1 to FOH and monitors, why are the Marshall cabs mic'd?
I use the Marshalls to have a sweet spot. I can go over there and get some feedback if needed. I have a very low stage volume, but the Marshalls give me an area of the stage where I hear more guitar. I have a little bit of guitar coming out of the side fill monitor on the opposite side of the stage so when I go over there I'll still hear some guitar.
Marshall's are mic'd for Winger who was up next.
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Sounds like the perfect rig. Would you be willing to share presets? Or discuss in general terms the amps/effects you use and how you set the switches? It will certainly help newbs like me learn to use the AX8.

I use x/y for clean & dirty. My dirty amp is the 5153 red. I like a lot of the other amps that are in this wonderful little box, and I've been using this 5153 for a while now. For clean, which my can sound still has a little bit of hair on it when you play hard, I'm using the Class A 30 W TB, Vox style amp. I like the highs in that amp.
To save on my cpu, I'm using the Multidelay x/y as well. X is for the "Reach For The Sky" sound, and Y is for "meat & potatoes" delay. :)
I have a Boss FS-5L that I have assigned to turn the delay on and off.
That's about it. Pretty simple setup. Hope this helps!!... B
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