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My first FM9 videos (presets included)


Fractal Fanatic
'sup, guys ?
So, I received my FM9 a few weeks ago, and I was in discovery mode for a few days. One thing I noticed is that the stock preset I made for the Axe-Fx III was sounding weird in the FM9, so I fixed it ; I'm attaching it to this post, so you can use this one until it is added to the next version of the stock presets. I recorded two videos with it :

The final version is the one used in the second video (less reverb than on the first one, and I put the Plex Delay back)

Also sharing another preset : Refrigerator. This one doesn't use an amp block. It's also a conversion of something I made for the Axe-Fx III.



  • Fremen's Mini Drones.syx
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  • Refrigerator.syx
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Completely off topic, but it's cool to see another army guy on here. I'm headed to an MTT Pathfinder course August 2022 🤘
I heard they were closing Pathfinder school at Ft. Benning. When I want to pathfinders it was all about jumping, cardiography, air traffic control and demolition. I drew some pretty precise maps in the jungle. I was a Sgt. My MOS does not even exist anymore. 11B4Y- the 4Y is for airborne pathfinder.
Sorry Fremen, didn't mean to OT. I apoligize!
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