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My first Axe II recording FW 10 Euro Blue


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Your fingers produce a beautiful sound. And your mind picks out a great choice of tones. That´s for sure.

Man i got almost identical sound. Euro blue and Citrus ir.. I had to check. It´s the only patch with the citrus. I tested with my Suhr classic (swamp ash/maple/SS frets) and it sound just like that.. Scary. The combination of ash/maple/ss frets is pure magic IMO.

Like mrbluesman said: Keep´em coming :)


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That is beautiful. Great phrasing. I was expecting another screaming rock solo when I saw the Euro Blue subject line. I'll have to revisit that amp.


I think the big thing with the ecstasy is that people want it to be a high gain amp but at its core its really a mid-gain marshall. Gain halfway and master cranked its really not a high gain amp. It is a wonderful responsive amp and the model does it justice IMO


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I have only tried the Ecstasy for a short test. Sounded fantastic. So does the model. Had the gain just over half. I crancked the mid in that patch too..


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roll tide brother. I lived in T-town for a few years. You ever been in bailey brothers 280? im the short bald guy. :D

Roll tide! haha nope I haven't ever been. I've been meaning to a while now, GC has usually kept my business...even though I hate the customer service :( i'll be sure to stop by there sometime this summer!


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again, it's that good. the dynamics, the reverb. It's the package. The package of supreme superbiticity. I don't care about that not being a word.
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