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My Favourite Marshall Models (& Beyond)


Love your videos Leon. After a couple of years in the wilderness I'm coming back into the fold. AxeFX lll Turbo to be ordered shortly...


Double horns Leon. Thank you for that Marshall "walk through time" and preset package. Great playing, it was very inspiring!! My AXE9 is on the plane heading to my door, out here in sunny, California. I can't wait to Rock the Marshalls and of course your beloved Atomica High, with a little Cali smoke, an IPA, and a buddy on rhythm guitar. I will 4-cable my axe 2 into my mesa Roadster, and plug my CLR's into my new AXE9. I just purchased reaper and I will try my hand at recording drums and guitar. I watched your recording tips to get going, and a Ola's drum recording tips. I hope I have the patience for it. If not, I will Rock anyways. Once again I appreciate all your Tips and tricks, and your guitar face is legendary.
Cheers, and have a great Thanksgiving down under.


Late to the party, but seeing a new video from Leon.................


Seeing it's Leon talking about, and playing, Marshalls.........................


I haven't had chance to play much recently, but sat down with this preset tonight and a couple of beers. Never got past scene 2, hammering out some Acca Dacca with a brief dalliance on scene 4 and belting out some Airbourne. Guitar Nirvana. Cheers Leon, you're a true gent.
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