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My Band Playing Rebel Yell - Live Video


Here is a video of my band playing Rebel Yell by Billy Idol. My patches are far from close, but it works for what we do, especially for live. The patches are all based on things I’ve found on the forum, but I honestly do not remember where I found them. My apologies to whomever I got the ideas from, as I’m not able to give you the proper credit. Thank you, whoever you are!

The “More” patch is just my regular patch for the song. Since I don’t ever use a whammy bar, I added a Whammy effect to one of the external controllers so I could do the pitch bend before the second verse. The Ray Lead patch has the ray gun effect that can be blended in as needed, also with an external controller. Then there is the patch I use for the synth bit, which may not even be a synth now that I think about it. I experimented with so many different things that I don’t remember what I settled on. I guess you’ll know if you look at the patch. :) I would like to make a new patch for the intro, and make it a lot cleaner than the main patch. I just haven’t had time to revisit that yet.

The IR is one I made from a Marshall 2x12 cabinet I have loaded with Scumback M75’s using a 57 and a Sennheiser e906. I’m using an Axe Fx II Original, Firmware 16.04.1. The audio was recorded direct using a Behringer X32 Rack.




  • RS-2 More SC.syx
    6.3 KB · Views: 43
  • RS-2 Ray Lead.syx
    6.3 KB · Views: 19
  • RS-1 Rebel Synth.syx
    6.3 KB · Views: 24
  • 071-Marshall 2x12 Both 3.syx
    10.6 KB · Views: 18
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