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My AFII is slightly microphonic. Is yours?

There is some guy ( I won't name him or his channel) on youtube that was complaining that his Axe-FX is microphonic and causing feedback...presumably at elephant killing volume levels. He seemed rather upset that the unit wasn't "perfect" and completely immune to microphonics at volume levels that would stun Godzilla and send Monster Zero running for its life. I think that position is unrealistic to the point of utter absurdity.

So I checked mine, and, yes, it's a bit microphonic, too. If I turn the system up loud enough and tap on the chassis, I can hear the tapping in the speakers.

But it's really nothing. I KNOW that ALL electronic products are microphonic to SOME degree. No matter what it is, its sensitivity to vibration is not exactly zero.

If I turned up enough that this microphonic behavior became an audible issue, I'd have police knocking on my door or maybe breaking it down since it's unlikely I'd hear the knock.

I just want to know, to satisfy my curiosity, if YOUR Axe-FX is slightly microphonic, too.

I think it will be....if you turn the system volume up high enough.

But is it a problem, in a realistic setting? I bet not.


I also saw this Video - this guy makes absolut great sounds - and I got the same problem at same settings with High gain.
I had an issue, on a gig, where my rig became really microphonic ... I tracked it down to a bad cable. It was pretty easy to find. Turned the amp up, and tapped all over the place with a screw driver. For a while I though it was inside the rack unit, bad solder joint or connector, but turned out it was a loose George L cable.


I had this problem until I learned to use the high cut in the cab block. On default there are no cuts at all. I found out that I don't need frequencies above 7500 Hz, that's almost a behaviour of a real guitar cab. It was one of the best advices I got here and it solved my problem.
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