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Implemented Multiband Comp Xover Freqs - Greater Range


UPDATE: based on input from some other users, any of the following would be great additions to the MBC;
- Extra bands
-Lower Xover frequency for the higher band
-Q control
-Amp block parameter dialled in as a "tight" control, replicating the Andy Sneap MBC settings around the 90-350hz range with adjustable threshold and Q.

The ability to lower the multicomp high crossover to around 300hz (I believe the current minimum for that band is 1khz) would be very handy for those seeking to replicate the Andy Sneap style settings with high gain.

I understand there might be issues if the low crossover frequency exceeds the high crossover frequency so perhaps there could be a way to avoid this (that is maintaining low Xover freq < high xover freq at all times) .

Edit : otherwise is there an existing amp block control that does this? I recall the character control on the AX8 did a similar thing.
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Fractal Fanatic
Hmmm, a ten band eq (more is better) with compressor/expander tied to each band and a Q control for each band also left/right pan per band. Does such an effect exist? Seems it could be the ultimate tone shaping tool!?
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