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Wish Multi-Comp in the AX8


Fractal Fanatic
A Multiband block (with an option to set on/off distortion-overdrive in each band) should be total bliss. :)
Maybe add simple algoritm for compression and distortion in eq block?

Bhargav Sarma

New Member
I'd love a simple Waves C4 kind of block. A lot of my patches need this, but not all of them, so I'd love to do it on the AX8 as compared to my outboard mixer.


My EBS multicomp is the only analog gear I really miss in the AX8. Multicomp is a must-have for a bass player, but you know... bass players aren't so important XD


New Member
I would love to see this as well. I've been looking for a way (for a long time now) to tame my high gain palm mutes. There are all kinds of EQ gymnastics that I've been through but nothing I've found so far keeps the tone sounding "alive" while also taming the boom of palm mutes. Please give us the MBC on the AX8!
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