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MTD Swells


That's really cool. Nice playing too- sparse enough to show off the effect, and musically interesting. Like the scalloped Strat.
an embedded facebook video? That isnt something you see every day. Volume swells are an under used thing in modern guitar today.


you can hear what the swell, clean and lead versions for v13 were like here in the first post - https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/allan-holdsworth-patches-v13-07.82757/

i've since totally updated my lead patch based on some super secret information i obtained from a close friend of allan's. absolutely nails it.
Simeon, question when I download a Axe ii patch with fractool into my Axe iii why does the patch sound different than the original?
This happened when I followed your tutorial on you tube for your post rock patch?


It ah be because I’m running my input in stereo and you’re in left only? You could try placing a volume block at the beginning of the chain set to -6db to simulate what you get when running input set to stereo.




Fractal Fanatic
@simeon your input is always greatly appreciated. I've learnt so much from your blocks and videos so it's great to have you weighing in here with AH related knowledge :)
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