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Mr. Lynch preset


Hi everyone-

Here is my Soldano100 based patch. Straight-ahead rocker. Not really trying to copy Lynch tone per-se.
But did try to make a patch with some of what he uses effect wise.

S1- Rhythm
S4- Lead

AXY between rhythm and lead
REV- XY short or long decay
CS1- to cut a bit of volume (useful if you , like me, only have one EV1 :)
DLY XY too

Rock on!


  • Mr Lynch.syx
    12.6 KB · Views: 125


Realized the original preset was dark as heck... oh what a difference IRs make. Got rid of the darker solo IR and mixed the remaining one with a V30 factory one instead...


  • Mr Lynch.syx
    12.6 KB · Views: 38
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