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Movie Review: Tenet


Yeah...so bad it took me two days to watch it. Could only handle it in small increments. IMDb 7.4 is much too high of a rating

la noise

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It was an amazing script, though. ;)

I kid.

I can get what Nolan was going for. He loves those interweaving timelines and
trying to tie multiple characters and their narratives together to show the inter-
connected and inter-dependent nature of reality. Future impacts present just like
the past does. But the execution was sketchy. I ended up feeling lost multiple times
and I like that kind of shit.

I hope the popcorn was good. :)
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Nathan M.

Gave my dual SVS subs a good workout

img 0


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I love Nolan and think he is one of the best, original, and most creative directors currently making movies but all I keep hearing/reading everywhere that is that "Tenet" is a huge WTF...I saw the BluRay on sale for under $10 the other day and I passed...I just got the BluRay of "Inception" and will watch that to get a Nolan-fix methinks....


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I enjoyed it. My stepfather had no idea WTF was going on, but I didn't have an issue understanding it. I saw it in the theater, which is where it should be viewed IMO.

Dave Merrill

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Long time ago I watched Memento with some other folks. I loved it, but not everyone did, some had no idea what actually happened. I wasn't 100% positive, but sure enough to really enjoy it, and how interesting the story was, and how interestingly it was told.

I haven't seen Inception, Interstellar, or Tenet, which I should fix.
First watch I didn’t get it. Second watch and with the help of a youtube explanation I sort of got it. But honestly compared to his other movies, I was not nearly as entertained. Overall I hate to say was a wee bit disappointed.
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