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Move the Sky with AXE II!!


Fractal Fanatic
I've got a strat that looks very identical to your guitar in that video. Its looking at me with that "how come you can't do that" expression right now.

That was one of the best things I've heard in a long time. Seriously; I'm blown away by the phrasing and melody as much as I am the tone. Really great.


Can anyone post the patch in a place where we dont have to register to download? I dont feel like registering to that site :(
Would you (or anyone who actually already pulled it down) be kind enough to please post the patch here in this thread? It is easy enough to do and we can avoid the potential spyware issues with where it is currently hosted. Many thanks and amazing work on the track.

My friend who is a Kemper diehard heard it and said the tone was so good he would buy the Axe Fx singlehandedly for that tone. I told him I would download it on mine and take it to his house Thursday. If it sounds anywhere close to how good it sounds for you Fractal has a new sale. I told him I would hold his feet to the fire and stand there while he whipped out the credit card so we will see how things go.
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