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Most Underrated guitar solos of all time



Love the faces. Check :26 and 1:13 (when Mel Gibson makes an appearance). What exactly does that eye-signal mean to your band mates? "Play the solo!", "One more verse!", "I had an accident!", "Another Quaalude Please?". They just don't make-faces like they used to...

Oh yeah...great solo(s) too! Haven't seen that vid before, awesome.
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I was interested to see this thread still bopping along into August...

Just drug out an old album and remembered how much I loved the effects crazy sound of Ernie Isley on Funkadelic's Maggot Brain. Man, was that listen ever a flashback! Underrated, though pretty much recognized as the beginning of the funk rock thing that has fingers into many styles today. Cool stuff.

Ben Randolph

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Hall of the Mountain King from the late Criss Oliva of Savatage.

Definitely an underrated guitarist. Sadly, his life was cut short at a young age by a drunk driver. He had amazing legato technique


Ollie Hasall (RIP! :( )
Patto - Time To Die - YouTube (with Patto in 1971)
Patto - Money bag (live) - YouTube (with Patto in 1971)
"Give It All Away" - Patto, 1971 - YouTube (with Patto in 1971)
Tempest - Living In Fear - YouTube (with Tempest in 1974)
Dying On The Vine - John Cale with guitarist Ollie Halsall - YouTube (with John Cale in 1988)

what a monster player......I love his work with Patto!!!! Listen to "give it all away" - what a great solo!!!
+1 for Patto, I was lucky enough to see them in the Black Swan Sheffield (I think it's called the Compleat Angler now ). There was a guy mouthing off and Ollie shouted, "just because you've got a mouth like a fireplace it doesn't means you're great (grate)". It was the same year "Last Tango in Paris" was first shown because we went to see it the next day. Edit: Just looked that up, it was 1972.


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let's see, first out we have Buckethead who does one of the most moving solos I know of. It's so unique in it's expression and it's lifting me up from my chair and taking me on a journey to the place where war and world hunger has ended, so beautiful and up in the sky.

Next we have Fredrik Thordendal doing what he does best. The alien speech trough his guitar, beaming shivers down my spine.

Ya know, that's the first Buckethead solo I've ever heard that I liked. THANKS! Thordendal's interesting too, though not my kinda music.


Kee Marcello, Europe The final countdown solo still amaze me! It's really melodic and yet technical! Kee's picking technic is among the best and accurate outhere! And his tone on this album is great, a lot of cutting mids and sustain without much gain! He's a great guitar player! I wonder why he was under John Norum's shadow because he is as good if not better technicaly!


09 "Beyond The Moon" from Mutiny Up My Sleeve by Max Webster. Kim Mitchell plays a descending riff pattern that is a pretty good workout for your arms and fingers. Try to shake off any tension build up.


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Maybe not the greatest guitar solo of all time, but I really like Whippersnapper by Wayne Krantz. Terrible sound and recording. It's live. This is a trio. He's a great rhythm player, who has been playing recently with Steely Dan and jazz sax player Chris Potter. He has great time. Very inventive solo. He smokes! Wayne Krantz - Whippersnapper (live) - YouTube
That was a fantastic solo and tune. You're right about his time. He is so up and top of that pocket and driving and dancing with it. Thanks for that. I enjoyed the hell out of it. I've liked various things I've heard from Krantz, but this makes me want to go listen to a bunch more.
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