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More than 1000 presets

Larry Ball

Is there any way to connect a flash drive, SD card, or usb drive with extra presets on it?

I am going to buy some Austin Buddy presets and probably some others. All I do now is have them organized in folders, I do a FracBot backup of my live presets, recording presets, and different categories like that. Like I have a backup with blues amps. But I am still running out of space with 1000 blues presets not being enough to load all of them. Is there some way, or some method in the future planned to allow for more preset storage? Would Fractal mod my unit if I sent it back in? (I'd probably sell mine and buy the Turbo and ask them to mod it or allow me to attach external storage).

Larry Ball

HUH? "1000 blues presets not being enough?"

This HAS to be a troll thread. ;)

Of course, I can get by. I am talking about having every preset I have that is a certain style, e.g. blues, able to quickly load into the AF3's preset slots. Just asking, I am fine with organizing and restoring them. And I don't need that many presets, troll-namer! 😀


Just an idea. Maybe you could run a virtual machine on your iphone with axe-edit installed, using the UTM app, and connect it to your axe?
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