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Monitor Advice or experience (Presonus Eris E8 and Focal Alpha 65)


Anyone have experience with the presonus eris 8 or the focal alpha 65?

Was thinking about picking one of these up.

Thanks in advance


Not the specific models you've asked about but I can vouch for Focal's quality. I've got a couple of Focal Alpha 80's love 'em. Best sounding "bang for buck" after auditioning 15+ monitors side by side. IMHO obviously


I own the Presonus Eris e8 monitors. I also tested them against a bunch of different brands. I hear no strange frequencies and the sounded the flatest and overall best for the budget I was working with. I feel strongly that 8" woofers are better for monitoring AX8 than 5"s and from a price perspective they are 1/2 what the focal's cost. I think you would be very pleased, but its a personal decision.


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I'm looking to get Alpha 65/80's in a small apartment, at moderate volumes, never loud to where you would hear it in the hallway. I should note I also use 6 string musicmans of various drop and standard tunings, as well as a 7 string. I wonder if the 80 would be far superior than the 65's for my use, or if the 65's are plenty, especially since the room isn't treated, in long and open to the apartment, etc. What do you guys think?


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I have the next Focal's up (Solo 6BE's) and can't say enough good about them. The price is high, but worth it. If I were going out to buy another set of monitors, I'd seriously look into the Alpha (Focal).


I use the Eris 8's with my AX8 and I like them a lot. I have no experience with the Focal's so I can't comment on those, but for the money, I think you would be pretty happy with the Eris's. I'd even use them for on stage monitors if they didn't have exposed cones, but they're great for in home/studio monitoring with the AX8.
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