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Mondern Metal Sound with the Friedman HBv1

I've been playing around with some amps to achieve some kind of djenty-mondern metal sound. Among all these amps I've tried I liked the Friedman, PVH and Recto models the most. As I am not a huge fan of high gain amps in mixes, I decided to record some stuff with the Friedman HBv1 and see how it behaves in a mix.
So here is the outcome:
I did not do anything drastic in the mixing process, just flitering out some noisy frequencies and boosting my favourite high and mid frequencies. A bit of compression and saturation to clue everything together and make it tighter. Also stereo widening was added to give a bit more air. I'm not quite sure about the bass sound, as I am having some problems dialing in a decent bass tone with my warwick rock bass. But anyways.. I hope you enjoy!
Just ask me if you have further questions! :)


Sounds awesome! I usually go for the 5150 or the Recto red modern. Mind sharing your preset for the Friedman?
Hey, thanks! Yeah I have a couple of presets for them too but I don't really like them in the djenty context ^^ I'm using custom IRs so sharing the preset won't be possible. However I can tell you the structure of the preset: input Gate-> Comp ->Dist. -> Gate -> Amp (cranked mids)-> Cap -> Gate thats it. Nothing special ^^


OK, cool! Thanks for the reply! Yeah, that's pretty much my signal chain as well except I didn't think about running a gate after the cab too. Thanks again! Oh, great tunes on your Soundcloud! I'm enjoying listening to them on my phone while my power is out right now \m/
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