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Moke's 'Clean to Mean' Pack #2 for the AX8 - Demo Video Added


The AX8 'Clean to Mean' Pack #2 just added to the store!........ The Best of the Axe-Fx II Banks 'B' and 'C'.

This pack is comprised of 102 presets from the 'Axe-Fx II' Factory banks 'B' and 'C'. Converted and then further edited for the 'AX8. I spent a few weeks going through them all to see what I could do with them. Because of the diverse content of the presets in these two banks, I took more liberties with them (especially the AX8 version). In several presets, alternate blocks were used to replace blocks unavailable in the 'AX8' and/or because of CPU limits. Delays acting as Reverbs and Flangers, Filter blocks as Drives, etc.........

Most have been edited to use four scenes arranged in a “clean to mean” configuration. All presets are setup using the same methodology to make adjusting the individual scenes for your preferences easier.

Others are setup with the original 'Special Effect' tone as one scene, and the other scenes having various effect and/or various gain settings.

There are also three (almost) un-edited 'Factory' presets that were included for free at the end of the last bank since they were already setup to use scenes. I added 'Factory' to their names for proper credit.

There is a number at the end of each preset name that indicates which scene (best) represents the sound of the original preset.

Scene 4 is a 'Solo' scene in most presets. There is a volume boost via 'Scene Controller #2' (in most cases also adds Drive and Delay blocks)

'Scene Controller #1' is used to control the amount of drive or 'Dirt' in each scene. 'Scene Controller #2' is used to control the volume in each scene. I have set all of the 'Damping' parameters in the controller attachments to '100 ms'. This makes the transitions between scenes 'Morph' between the various 'Dirt' and 'Volume' settings.

'Scene Controller #1' is attached to one or more parameters with pre-determined 'Min', 'Max', and 'Mid' values. Just adjust the 'Scene Controller #1' value for the amount of drive or 'Dirt' for the scene that you wish to adjust. This can affect the volume of the edited scene, so you may need to re-adjust the volume using 'Scene Controller #2'.

'Scene Controller #2' is attached to the 'Level' parameter in the Cab block(s) with pre-determined 'Min' and 'Max' values. Adjust the 'Scene Controller #2' value for the volume needed for the scene that you wish to adjust. In the event there is a Compressor block located after the Cab block, a 'Filter' block was added (post Compressor) with the above mentioned 'Scene Controller' attached to it's 'Level' parameter.

Having four adjustable variations of these 'Factory' presets makes them much more useful. Adjust them for your needs and re-save them as needed. Most of all have fun!

There are quite a few surprises in these too!
Thank you..............Moke
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