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Wish Modifier Control Knobs (Edit Modifier Screen) - per Fx Block Channel

Alex Kerezy

I wish the control knobs, like Min, Max, Start, Mid, End, Slope, Scale, Offset, Attack, etc. ---- which can be found on the Edit Modifier Screen that pops up --- PLEASE make these per Fx Block Channel.

For example: On Channel A of an Fx Block (take the PlexDelay), if I want to add a MODIFIER to the DecayTime, and say I choose the Envelope Follower as the modifier --- then I WISH I could have the Min/Max values DIFFERENT for different channels of the PlexDelay. So Channel might have a min of 0.5 sec and a max of 4.0 seconds for the Decay Time tied to the envelope follower, while Channel B of the exact same Fx Block (PlexDelay here) has a min of 1.0 sec and a max of 9.0 seconds for the Decay Time tied to the envelope follower.

I've tried this with several Fx Blocks, where I wanted to tie a control [like delay time, reverb size, level, frequency, etc.] to a modifier; and then adjust or change the Min/Max of that control via the modifier -- PER FxBlock Channel. No can do. Booo hooo hooo. See picture below.

PLEASE NOTE: Trying to channel the Modifier Control channel here --- doesn't help. I want to set the Min/Max values shown below per FxBlock channel


What I find interesting is that this "data" is at the INTERSECTION or RELATIONSHIP between Modifier and Fx Block; but in fact....move it down, store this data at the intersection or relationship of Modifier and FxBlock Channel.

OK.....thank you for your time and consideration.



Historically modifiers have been shared by ALL channels, always.

Your wish has been wished many, many times in the past going back to the Axe Fx II.

We got a partial grant of this in the last year or so with the option to choose ALL or any single channel.

I definitely +1000 this wish but I'm also not hopeful it will be granted based on history.

Joe Bfstplk

Fractal Fanatic
+1. It makes some sense that a controller might want to be tweaking something completely different on a different channel if a different effect/amp/cab/whatever is used on that channel....
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