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Mmmmmm, Buttery


I wrote this in 2010 ;)

Aka Budda Twinmaster.
I recently rediscovered this sim.
Crank the master (it's a non-MV amp), keep Drive low (f.e. 2), turn down Bass, turn up Treble, Bright off.
Add Greenbacks (f.e. Red Wirez G12M25s) or G12H30s and you get a wonderful tone that covers the area between clean and crunch. Very articulate and transparent."

And it still applies. :) Love this amp sim!
At the moment I use it more often than Wrecker or Plexi.
Use with M75 or H75 (no mic) or G12M (SM57).

It's particulary remarkable, regarding how it was created:

Cliff: "I did the Buttery model by ear. I listened to some clips of Buddas (Matchbox 20, remember them?) and tweaked the model until I thought it sounded like one. Screwed around a little with the tube bias points until it had the right balance of harmonics and called it a day."
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Threads like this remind me of how fun it is to step back from all the minutae and just dial up an amp and cab.

So easy to get good sounds out of the Axe platform!


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The buttery amp sim helps you make delicious musical toast :)
I wholeheartedly agree about the buttery being awesome.


I'm gonna check out this amp sim...someone posted a video on here (don't remember which thread) where they were using the Buttery...sounded really good!

Scott Peterson

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It's the Y amp setting on my X setting of my Trainwreck. Great complimentary sound, a bit of a different flavor for the same sorts of application IMHO.


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My 2nd favorite Amp in the II right behind the Euro Blue. Shiva clean in the hunt as well.


If Y is the default state, the dedicated X/Y switch on the MFC Is green instead of red and I like that. :)
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Took all the wise words and experiences above and then remembered that Leslie West is now a Buddha amp user. Added a Buttery to a 4x12 vintage Marshall. Cranked the amp, added a Tape Drive, my standard echos and reverbs and then to match Mr. West an octave down double ........

Very nice once the EQ's are tweaked!!! This is a keeper!


I thought models were done based on the schematic, but somehow Cliff states that he has done the Buttery by hear... how is this possible?


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Golden ears. Some people have them, cliff is one.

AND has the know how to get what's in his head to what's in the axe. A remarkable and rare combination, we are so lucky to benefit from something so rare...


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I am SOOOOOOO trying this amp for the first time tonight. With my Strat!!!

I'm a high gain djent djent meedley meedely meedely type player...

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