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ML Sound Lab Heavy IR Trio test with GGD drums / CP13 (Mesa), CP24(DZL) and CP25 (Zilla)



Here's what the title promises in a one clip of a song that i did for my band. New album coming out somewhere spring next year though. Meanwhile just enjoying to tweak these demo songs to hell and back.

Every clip is with the same setup, SM57 + SM57 + MD421, i tried to choose the ir's that have somewhat same character. All guitars go through same impulse chosen for the clips. Amp is HBE V2 which i LOVE, with really modest settings.

Drums are Getgood Drums. Enjoy!

0:00 - 1:30 / Mesa
1:30 - 3:00 / Dzl
3:00 - 4:32 / Zilla

Preset used in the clip, just add a cab! ;)

https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/7606286/HBE 2 Q4.syx
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Me likey you likey! Actually i discussed this elsewhere too, but im realyl building an deeper love towards that DZL. I just LOVE how it feels when played. Not too chimey on leads though...


I'm looking forward to hearing the full song.
Sounds great.
The full song has an interlude / bridge that is really Korn issues -era vibey and simple :D I bet you'd like it!

Sounds amazing, Diezel my fav!! What ir did you used in CP13?

My new favorite apporach, combining an Alloy with an single mic. In this one, there was SM57-SM57 20, and MD421 A3.
Now in this new song im writing, i have two alloys together and i like it sounds even more what im after this one at least. :D Diezel all the way in this yeah!!
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