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Missed Pete Thorn's Lesson...



I just found the following youtube video, while I was looking for some AxeFx II vids.
YouTube - ‪Pete Thorn's "Guitar Nerd" CD/Lesson sampler movie.m4v‬‏

Pete released his new album with a download code for a 70 minute guitar lesson. Damn, now I'm too late to get the download code.

So Pete, if you're reading this - could you please get me a copy of that lesson? I'm absolutely willing to pay for it. Sell me an album with the download or just the lesson by itself. But it would be a drag to limit this, just because I watched your youtube vid too late...




Power User
I'm not sure how often Pete is over here ?

But I know he'll see it if you post over @ HRI or TGP ( he's probably on HRI the most often ) ....

I've got the lesson and it really is great.

I'm not interested in copping the solos note for note, but he goes through techniques and approaches that you can adapt and use outside of that particular solo ....


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I've heard that he is planning to, but I don't know any of the specifics .... Like I said, surf over to HRI or TGP .... He's usually there more than he's here ....


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That dude can play. He seems like a really good guy as well. Very helpful and really knows his stuff.
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