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mini game : JP2C VS axe fx 3

which one is the real amp ?

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1st Axe 2nd Real Amp. To me the first one sounded more sterile in comparison. This can come down to preference at this point, but they both sound great, 1 is probably missing 5% of some special rocket sauce.
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since you said "you get extra low end with the real thing"....the 2nd one is the amp! though i think it's a minor adjustment in the amp block or with an EQ and you can get the same. and with your recordings the difference is not only the low end.

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In 15.01 I have done the same small test and the sound was drastically different . Now it’s 👍🏻.
I am curious about the other amps if they are all accurate like that . If you own a head included in the axe do it 😊


I accidentally voted the other way around -- but you can see from my comment what I thought. So a bit more than 50 percent :D


This is the first time I try to play with the head through a loadbo in the axe . It’s funny but seriously … I won’t continue doing that .
as someone said before , you can tweak your sound a lot more with the axe only, no need to put a head on it …
I won’t sold it cause it’s nice to play with the amp in the room when you don’t record . But for gigs and rec, the axe only is more than ok

new marketing slogan?

Axe FX III - more than OK!


All that matters is that I voted correctly. Now I can tell everyone that I have golden ears. If I had voted incorrectly it would have jsut been a fluke, but since I was right it is clear evidence of my superior tonal sleuthing abilities.
If your avatar is you, hell, I'd drink the Kool-Aid if you told me to :)

William Mims

It's so close I wouldn't give a crap... LoL!
Then by the time I EQ and/or change to different cabs/IR's, I can pretty much make whatever realistic sounding amp tones I want.
I just rarely plug into one of my real amps anymore... Thinking about selling my mint condition Hughes & Kettner Triamp Mark 3 at this point.
It just sits there covered up collecting dust....


My avatar is a picture of small engine repairman Tim Gross Sr. dressed as his YouTube persona Taryl Dactal (no, not me). Check out his channel "Taryl Fixes All" for a unique blend of comedy and informative videos.

Thanks for that, right up my street ! The question is, has anyone ever seen Taryl Dactal and Les Claypool together in the same room?

My name is mud

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Preset will be awesome!
The preset contain third party irs so I won’t shared them in respect of the maker . BUT .
its easy : gain 8/9, master 4, presence 6, bass 4, mid 5, treble 6. JP2c orange shred .
Then put the cab you like . I choose this pretty randomly as I wanted to compare the preamp section so the Ir is not important here


I think you have to give some bottom and open the mids to the Axe, that's my perception, but they both sound great.


here is a new video , as I am in a "testing A/B mood"

sound 1 : JP2C - torpedo cab - soundcard - wall of sound
sound 2 : Axe FX 3 with just the amp block (jp2C yellow shred) soundcard - wall of sound with same IR

still dont have the sound of the real head yet with the axe . dont know what I need to tweak for this, I have tried many thing but ...
I think It's time to try the tonematch option .
edit : I have tried the tonematch option the result is even more different

This, as first clip also, actually sounds pretty similar to what I expect from Kemper when profiling amps. The mids are more tubescreamerish, like a TS pedal, or crybaby mixed in 10 percent -- for me in an undesirable way -- and there's a lack of depth.


What i would do is lower the master volume in the axe fx sim. I've done comparisons where i went through a lot of tweaking, only to see that lowering the master vol got it closer more sufficiently.
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