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MILO Presets

Hey guys!!

Just a quick thing that just came to my attention! I know (and am very thankful) that a lot of you guys have downloaded my presets from my site and Axe Change!

I just realized that the instrument cable that I've been using this whole time has a ton of tone loss because of the length (20ft). Long story short, if you're using a normal, short cable, (which I just did and was horrified after playing through my presets) all my presets probably sounded overly bright. I promise you that's not how they were dialed and how they sounded in here... I blame it all on my stupid cable and on me for not noticing earlier. Just make sure if you get 'em off of Axe Change, dial back some brightness and they'll make more sense. Cheers!!


Its a good point, the length and quality of the cable make a big difference. I always set my presets up with a long cable anyway, as this is what I would play through live normally. :)


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I imagine this could be compensated for by just changing the impendance value in the input block if it bothered someone.



I think they really sound great, using a 20’ monster cable,which I don’t think has too much tone loss. Very musical.

Will your website host the revised patches for 10’ cable?

Thanks so much for sharing these awesome sounding patches!
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