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Midi Through Questions

Discussion in 'Axe-Fx II Discussion' started by Jason Harrelson, Jul 11, 2018 at 3:02 PM.

  1. Jason Harrelson

    Jason Harrelson
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    New here

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    I have just started getting into more advanced setup by editing the MFC-101 directly instead of running it in AxeFx mode. I have a Mesa Boogie TriAxis preamp down stream from the AxeFX. I would like to control the AxeFx on MIDI Chan 1 and the Preamp on MIDI chan 2. However, it does not seem to work. Does the MIDI through only pass the channel the AxeFX is working on?

    Additionally, I am using the Faslink connection between the AxeFX and the MFC-101.

  2. keh

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    May 4, 2011
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    Usually a MIDI though is not filtered, but of course you need to set MFC ECHO TO MIDI OUT to "ON" and also MIDI THRU to "ON" on the MIDI page of the I/O menu. If you're sure that the MFC controls the TriAxis (check that without the AXE FX if not yet done...) there might be an issue with the MIDI THRU socket. In this case you could either go for a MIDI split box or - if the TriAxis offers a MIDI THRU wire the AXE FX behind this preamp with MIDI. Another thing: Check your MIDI cables, one might be broken...

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