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midi possibilities


New Member
hey guys,

i had a standard back in 2016 but stupidly sold it, since i wasn't doing home recording anymore.

now im looking at something that's going to work for both practice and performance. i have an ultra lined up ready to buy but i have some questions.

i know of course the ultra has 2 amps that you can switch between via a midi controller, but is it possible to switch between amps AND switch on or off 2 or 3 effects at the same time via midi cc?

for example, i will have my clean tone with reverb, a fender twin or suchlike... and a rythm tone, say a usa lead 2. is it possible to program an additional LEAD TONE that is basically my rhythm tone, same eq etc with a boost and delay and reverb using just ONE tap of a switch, or is this reserved for the ax fx 2 with scene programming?

im planning on getting a meloaudio switcher, any advice is incredibly welcome and most appreciated. and yes im a huge petrucci fan lol.


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