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Wish MIDI over USB


Really? I haven't noticed that, but I am still in the lab with mine. I haven't rehearsed or played out with it yet. I'm still getting it all setup (just received it Friday). I rely heavily on this feature though.
And does FM3Edit work on MIDI ports ?


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Yes, please USB midi. This would be useful in particular for use with Ipad. One of the great features of the FM3 is that it works as usb audio interface. If you have Ipad and CC kit, you owe it to yourself to plug Ipad into FM3 and see just how cool it is to process FM3 sound with some of the amazing IOS effects apps or loopers or.....

if it passed midi from din through usb, it would greatly expand utility of FM3 in portable recording/performance rigs. Now midi keyboards/controllers could be hooked through FM3 into Ipad with sound returned through FM3. Possibilities are endless. Yes, I can use bluetooth midi (and will) or usb hub (which sometimes works, but can be less reliable on Ipad than computer), but that’s one more thing. Being able to access the whole world of IOS midi-based apps with FM3 and controller opens up a whole world of possibility in small package.


I think i understood why Fractal Audio chose not to get the FM3 MIDI class compliant : The USB transfers are faster on the FM3 than on the AxeFx III because it's not midi but pure raw sysex data.


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Having full midi interface capability on all Fractal products would be great (I can't speak for the III and FM3, I don't own them)

In my use case, I use both regular midi and USB midi on the Little Giant foot switch midi interface.
  • The regular midi sends commands to axe-fx while also receiving tuner data down the same cable because the LG can convert a single midi cable into 2-way midi - very handy.
  • The USB midi on the LG sends midi to a computer running a DAW (selecting, cueing and playing backing tracks) and a digital mixing board (muting FX channels, moving FX return sliders, remote engage of mixing board recording). And it receives midi automation (sent by the DAW) down USB for switching Axe-Fx scenes during songs so I'm not tap-dancing (because it's a hassle and because it's the year 2020).
Having this basic midi interface & routing capability and a library of midi commands the footswitch can send makes stage life all about performing, playing and singing and lets the gear fade to the background. YMMV, but I love it, and midi down USB is a key enabler.


Argh... Just going down the road of trying to do some midi control and I was surprised to see that the AxeFx III only has one midi port. So I can't seem to run the editor and connect it to my midi controller unless I use the physical midi ports? I guess I could get a midi->usb converter... I actually have one somewhere... but why??? Or am I doing something wrong? I'm assuming from this thread its not possible. I might try MidiPipe ( I saw this referenced in another thread). Maybe that can allow for the tandem connections? Add me to the list for requesting this functionality.
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