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MIDI Clock Out


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I don't know the answer but I'd bet there's a MIDI implementation chart in the back of the manual and it will be covered there.


It sends a sysex on the down beat of the tempo, not midi clock I know, but might be some use?
Global config option “real-time sysex”


I want to send tempo on MIDI out to connected devices, but can't find a setting. Is this possible?
Owner's manual, pages 152 and 188:

"The Axe-Fx III does not transmit MIDI Clock."
It does send the current tempo through SysEx, as noted above.
Owner's manual, pages 152 and 188:

"The Axe-Fx III does not transmit MIDI Clock."
It does send the current tempo through SysEx, as noted above.
The send realtime sysex parameter does not allow to sending tempo through MIDI out? What's the parameter for?


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It's a sysex message, not MIDI beat clock data. This would be for something like a MasterMind GT (or another unit that takes the Axe-Fx's proprietary sysex commands into account in its own firmware) to report the Axe-Fx III's tempo and tuner values accurately on it's own display.
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Good catch on that whoever that was. I was conflating that with tap CCs (in some pedals, etc.)
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I’m relaying a message to a MIDI programmer. Wouldn’t it be easier just to answer the question than refer me to google?
The answer to your previous question is "no".

But I didn't (and still don't) have time to write up the details.

Learning how it works for yourself will help you in the long run. This is general midi stuff, not specific to the Axe Fx.


From here (which by the way is the first result from the previously mentioned Google search ;)):


I highlighted the part in red.

MIDI beat clock (also known as MIDI timing clock or simply MIDI clock) is a clock signal that is broadcast via MIDI to ensure that several MIDI-enabled devices such as a synthesizer or music sequencer stay in synchronization. It is not MIDI timecode.

Unlike MIDI timecode, the MIDI beat clock is tempo-dependent. Clock events are sent at a rate of 24 ppqn (pulses per quarter note). Those pulses are used to maintain a synchronized tempo for synthesizers that have BPM-dependent voices and also for arpeggiator synchronization. Location information can be specified using MIDI Song Position Pointer (SPP, see below), although many simple MIDI devices ignore this message.

Because of limitations in MIDI and synthesizers, devices driven by MIDI beat clock are often subject to clock drift.[citation needed]


Was the question about the Axe-FX SysEx tempo message? That's once per beat, in sync with the Tempo LED flashing.

The II won't send tempo SysEx until receiving a (different) SysEx message IIRC. If the III is the same it should be possible to monitor Axe-Edit's output at startup and find the message.


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I'd like to see Fractal add MIDI clock out as well. For now, I picked up a MIDI clock pedal - the Fractal stuff will respond to MIDI clock in.


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I think this is a huge priority for the AX8. I've been researching this topic and people have been desiring midi clock thru since the AX8 has been released.

My situatuation in specific requires being able to pass any value to a pedal on midi CC 96. So in theory, my question to Fractal devs is whether this can be as simple as adding the ability for the tempo CC (which is by default set to CC14) to be duplicated to another, or multiple, CC?

From what I have read, even AX8 midi users who have found various alternatives by using an external pedal to control the clock would not be disappointed to finally have that feature. Another useful addition I've seen in this vein is being able to display the current bpm on the main screen. *fingers crossed as I'm really wanting to stick to the AX8 as the midi controller for the rest of my board.

Yes, MIDI clock out would solve my challenge.
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