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Wish MFC wishlist

Dr. Dipwad

(Cross-posted from another thread; I read this thread second and although someone already posted an abbreviated version of this suggestion in this thread, I think mine offers more detail.)

This is dealing with the topic of reassigning the right-side button column.

I think, for performance-safety reasons, that you should be able to "lock" the buttons in the right-hand column. (Or at least the Up and Down buttons.)

I think you should be able to do this, whether or not they can be reassigned to something else.

The reason is that it is difficult to not accidentally press switches in the right-most column when one is actually trying to hit footswitches in the column immediately to the left of them. And that can cause real issues during a gig.

I'd rather have the Up/Down buttons be assignable to an external footswitch, which I can put far away from the other switches.

But if I can't have that, it'd sure be nice to have some protection against the "Accidental Program-Up" problem, where all of a sudden my MFC-101 goes to a new program, sending a slew of IA messages, changing the tempo, etc.

A "locking" function seems like it'd be a good way to do this.

You would "lock" the right side buttons by doing long-press on Edit and activating new feature (maybe called "Program Up/Down Timelock" ) in the Setup menu.

When active, the Program Up/Down (and optionally Reveal) buttons wouldn't do anything unless you FIRST pressed and held-down one of the other footswitches (selectable; you could make it anything but Edit or Tuner of course) for a long press. After that, the Program Up/Down buttons would become "unlocked" and you could scroll up or down through your presets for a while. But there would be an "inactivity period" which would re-lock them automatically (maybe a 5-second timeout).

That way, you hold down your selected "unlock" footswitch -- FS1, say -- for a count of 3, and then you can start freely changing from one program to another. When you find the program you want, you'd just stop using the Up/Down buttons...and they'd re-lock after 5-seconds.

If you accidentally hit one during a performance, nothing would happen because you hadn't done the long-press on the "unlock" footswitch.
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